Financial Toxicity In Cancer Patients Receiving Immunotherapy


Researched by Belong.Life and published by ESMOKey Study to be Presented at ESMO Virtual Congress 2020 Shows Nearly Half of Patients Receiving Immunotherapy are Unaware of Possible Financial Toxicity (FT) Research Demonstrates Importance of Engaging Patients Throughout the Cancer Journey, Suggests Physicians Discuss FT from Moment of Diagnosis. To the research>

Financial Toxicity in American Patients Receiving Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs


Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCOKey Findings: Financial toxicity is most prevalent in American patients older than 61. Half of those patients were unaware of possible issues of financial toxicity and only 29.3% received pre-treatment FT advice from their doctors. Those who did receive advice saw a 41% reduction in financial toxicity incidence. To […]

Financial Toxicity in Patients Receiving Cancer Immunotherapy Treatments


Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCORWED of financial toxicity was reported by the majority of cancer pts receiving Immunotherapy drugs for treatment of their solid tumors. 48% of the pts were aware of possible FTs as a result of their diagnosis and therapy. Only 36% received pre-treatment financial advice by their medical team and […]

Evaluating the dyadic management of sexuality-related parameters in women with early breast cancer (EBC): The emergence of “partner reported outcome measurements” (pROMs).


Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCOexplored sexuality and intimacy-related issues in women with early breast cancer and the resulting partner-reported experience. When a patient’s tumor is located in a sexual organ, the quality of the sexual and intimate lives of both patients and their respective partners can be affected. This study demonstrates the importance […]

Clinical trials participation is directly influenced by the information received by cancer patients (pts) and caregivers: Real-world evidence with the use of a specialized digital health platform.


Researched by Belong.Life and published by ASCOexamined the reasons behind the extremely low level (~3%) of clinical trial participation among cancer patients. Clinical trial participation is crucial for medical advancement and is an important treatment option, at times the only one, for oncology patients. This study highlights the importance for the oncological community to not […]