Covid 19 infection leading to a subsequent new primary cancer diagnosis, Real-world data (RWD) analysis on members of, a global cancer application

esearched by Belong.Life and published by ASCO

Some known viral infections can lead to a diagnosis of cancer (e.g: HPV, HIV, EBV, etc.) Anecdotical reports of a Covid 19 infection, and the subsequent diagnosis of a new cancer have been mentioned by few patients (pts). This relationship has not yet been fully documented. Covid 19 infected persons have been identified to have a suppressed adaptive immunity, which one of its principal functions is to maintain occult cancer cells in an equilibrium state. We studied the possible role of a Covid 19 infection and the subsequent diagnosis of a new primary cancer happening during the Covid pandemic (01/2020 – 12/2021). A survey was sent to all new members of, a free and anonymous global cancer app for pts and their caregivers. This study took place prior to the omicron variant surge.

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