i-Beong Service Level Agreement (SLA)

i-Belong – Service Level Agreement

Belongtail shall provide Company the following services at no additional cost in accordance with the Agreement:

  1. Ongoing Services:
  • The Company will be in direct connection with the End Users through the Product or any other communication platform.
  • First line of support will be provided by Company. Company will be receiving End Users inquires (except for data or privacy-related inquires or requests which will be entirely handled by Belong in accordance with applicable data protection laws), will classify those based on table 1 hereunder, and when needed, will deflect to Belong support team.
  • Belongtail will provide ongoing timely technical support via email or phone from Sunday to Thursday 9a.m. to 6p.m., Israel time and 24/7 support service based on after hour emergency email/telephone number to Company’s support group using Company contacts. Support will be provided promptly according to the impact and severity of the reported fault or problem as further detailed in Table 1 below.
  • Upon receipt of formal notice from Company that a production component or function is not working properly, or configuration is required, Belongtail will take action in accordance with the process below to handle the case.
  • Major functionality is defined, when significant number of users have any of the following: app not available, users’ signups, app open, post/chat read/writes.
  • In case of an issue that is a direct result of a third-party provider (servers, cloud provider, app stores, etc.), Belongtail will do its best effort to restore the service as quick as possible under the availability limitations of the third party.
  • This support service is provided only to software-based products.

Table 1:

Description of Severity levelAvailable contact methodsSLAResponsibility
Severity 1 – HighA major functionality is unavailable with no bypass or workaround, the bypass or workaround is intolerable or has major impact on the Company ability to use the solution.·   Belongtail emergency emailStart working on problem within 2 hours. Continue working 7×24 to close.Belongtail
Severity 2 – MediumA major functionality is unavailable but a temporary or tolerable bypass or workaround is available which enables the Company to use the software. ·   Belongtail emergency emailStart working on problem within 6 hours. Continue working 7×24 to close.Belongtail
Severity 3 – LowA functionality is not working correctly, but Company is able to use the software with minimal impact to its operation. ·  Belongtail support Email Start working on the problem within one business day.Belongtail
Severity 4 – Scheduled configurationA request for platform configuration of any of the following:Form a new communitySchedule postsConfigure new admin usersAdd new template binder itemsAdd new task templatesCreate “listed users” profiles ·   Company support Email·   In app support group managed by Company Company responsibilityCompany
Severity 5 – Users inquiriesSupporting End Users’ questions around app features and usability. (ex.: how to mute a group, how to join or form a new group etc.) ·   Company support Email·   In app support group managed by Company Company responsibilityCompany
  1. Belong support contact details:

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